DK Khattiya and Dennie Cody
Two photographers based in Bangkok traveling the world
The passing of time brings change. 
This year has brought many changes to us. Our biggest was stepping down from the leadership of the BPG group although we are still active in the group as members. 
Our life focus still revolves around photography but we have both moved in the direction of our personal interests. 
DK has 2 wonderful grandchildren and she shares their lives as any loving grandmother would do. They are now a big part of her photographic vision and have in part motivated her to do more photography with her smartphone. She has been and will be sharing her amazing technique with the smartphone even as she continues to capture beautiful images with both the smartphone and her Fuji XS10. She has added a new dimension to our photography. I am proud to say. 
I have become more invested in my street photography, photo shoots and creating photo books. I did a Zine during our recent travels and was impressed by the result which leads me to want to do more so I am working on several collections from our 3 month summer trip. I am also planning an all out edit of my archive. It will be a massive multi year effort with over 50 years of images to go through. Again more books should result from all this. 
DK and I want to continue sharing what we have learned from 28 years of working together as professional photographers. We both love teaching and mentoring so we are making plans now with your understanding that we do not move as fast as we once did. We look forward to a fun future.
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